Conditioning test

We offer:

  • Sampling and conditioning of composite materials
  • Conditioning of samples in the range of 10 °C to 90 °C with humidity
  • Conditioning to saturation by determination of weight gain
  • Determination of initial moisture content by weighing during drying

Equipment (selection):

  • Climacell conditioning chamber (long-term environment of elevated temperature and humidity, typically 70°C at 85% r.h.)
  • COMET temperature and humidity recorders
  • Kern analytical balance (accuracy 0.1 mg, range up to 100 g)

Standards within the accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025:

EN 2823 Aerospace series - Fibre reinforced plastics - Determination of the effect of exposure to humid atmosphere on physical and mechanical characteristics
ASTM D5229 Standard Test Method for Moisture Absorption Properties and Equilibrium Conditioning of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
Conditioning test
Conditioning test
Conditioning test


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