Compression test

We offer:

  • Experiment design
  • Sampling and conditioning of composite materials
  • Compression test at room temperature
  • Compression test at cold temperature (down to -150°C)
  • Compression test at elevated temperature (up to 280°C)
  • Statement of conformity to specification

Equipment (selection):

  • Instron electromechanical testing machine (max. static load up to 100 kN, crosshead displacement up to 1000 mm, load cells with ranges ±1 kN, ±10 kN, ±100 kN)
  • Hydropuls Schenck servo-hydraulic machine (max. static load up to 250 kN, crosshead travel up to 100 mm)
  • Test conditioning chambers (test environment in the range -150°C ÷ 280°C)
  • Climacell conditioning chamber (long-term environment of elevated temperature and humidity, typically 70°C at 85% r.h.)
  • Kimo Instruments thermocouple loggers (specimen temperature measurement in the range -180°C ÷ 480°C)
  • Mechanical axial extensometers (measurement of specimen strain in the longitudinal axis)
  • X-Sight optical extensometer (strain measurement and digital image correlation (DIC))
  • strain gage acquisition (strain gage bonding, strain measurement)
  • test fixtures according to the relevant standards

Standards within the accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025:

ASTM D3410 Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials with Unsupported Gage Section by Shear Loading
ISO 14126 Fibre-reinforced plastic composites
Determination of compressive properties in the in-plane direction
EN 2850 Aerospace series - Carbon fibre thermosetting resin - Unidirectional laminates - Compression test parallel to fibre direction
ASTM D7137 Standard Test Method for Compressive Residual Strength Properties of Damaged Polymer Matrix Composite Plates
ASTM D6484 Standard Test Method for Open-Hole Compressive Strength of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates
ASTM D6641 Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Using a Combined Loading Compression (CLC) Test Fixture
Compression test
Compression test


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